Settling Your Child.

Visiting the Centre beforehand is very helpful in transitioning. Children adjust in different ways and our staff are used to settling children. Always tell your child that you are leaving and that you will be back. Don’t linger, this makes it harder for the your child. Please feel free to phone the Centre at any time to check that your child is settled and happy.

Sign In/Out Record:

It is a Ministry of Education requirement that parents/caregivers /whanau sign their child in and out. Please write the names of all persons allowed to collect your child in the enrolment form, otherwise you will be contacted before your child is allowed to leave our premises.

Formula & Meals:

Our Centre cook provides healthy, nourishing meals and snacks from a well-planned menu. If your child has allergies please inform the teachers and write it in your enrolment form. We ask that parents of babies please supply formula and bottles.

Programme Planning:

We provide education and care based on the principles of early childhood curriculum- Te Whariki. Our programme is child centred, aiming to meet each individual child’s needs. A wide range of provocations and learning opportunities will be provided to extend children’s interests and develop them to their full potential.

Payment Procedures:

It is required that all fees are pain one week in advance to avoid fees getting in arrears. Absences are changed at the full fee rate to secure your child’s place for the time of their absence. East Tamaki Childcare centre incurs costs whether or not your child attends due to illness, therefore full fees are charged for these absences.

Health and Safety

The Centre Director and her discretion may refuse to accept any child suffering from contagious or infectious disease. When many children and adults are together, germs spread very quickly, so please consider this when deciding whether or not to bring your child. If your child becomes unwell at the Centre, you will be notified and expected to make every effort to collect your child as soon as possible. It is very important that we have at least two emergency contact numbers on the enrolment form.
All medication is to be handed to a teacher on arrival and you are required to fill in the medication book. This authorises a teacher to administer the medication for this day. We have at least two staff members present at all times who hold current first Aid Certificates. If your child requires medical attention, you or your emergency contact person will be contacted immediately.  In the case of a minor accident, the staff will administer First Aid and you will be informed when your child is collected. Records of all accidents are recorded in the accident register.

Ministry Funding:

Financial statements are available to view on request.

What to include in your child’s bag:


Named spare change of clothes, sunscreen and named sunhat.
Nappies and wet wipes if your child is on nappies.


Beanie, warm clothes, socks and shoes.
PLEASE name your child’s belongings!!!


Full time – $200 per week

Part time: $50 per day.

20 Hours free ECE available.

Providing your child with the best opportunities in education and care